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Automated Traffic Count
Parking Beat Surveys

Parking Beat Surveys are generally commissioned to ascertain the extent of on-street parking within a given radius and conducted in accordance with the Lambeth Methodology, however, many circumstances require deviations from this. Regardless of your needs, we can tailor our surveys to suit you.

Turning Movement Count

One or more cameras are placed to record junctions for a specified period of time.  The footage is then analysed to ascertain the turning movements and presented in an easy to understand excel format.

Car Park Surveys

Car park surveys are used to deduce the number of vehicles using a car park throughout a specified period.  Additionally you may wish to understand the duration of stay for each vehicle.

Pedestrian and Bicycl counts to fin out how many pedestrians and bicycles are passing by a certan point.

We place our cameras at an appropriate location and record all pedestrian and bicycle movements for the length of time required by you.  The footage is then analysed to ascertain the volumes and presented in an easy to understand excel format.

Electric Vehicle Surveys

Our electric vehicle car park surveys allow you to understand the volume of vehicles using a car park and their duration of stay (much like our standard car park surveys), with the addition of the fuel type of each vehicle.  This can aid in determining the commercial viability of installing Electric Vehicle Charging Points.

Queue Length Surveys

Queue length surveys are typically carried out at a junction to measure the congestion and delays.

Depending on your survey parameters, queue length can be measured in terms of vehicle numbers or in meters/yards etc.

Bespoke Services

We are specialist in the capture and analysis of data.  If you have a requirement for a different or unique survey, please do drop us a line and we will certainly be able to help.


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