Automated Traffic Counts


What is an Automated Traffic Count?

ATC's are a quick and inexpensive way of collecting, traffic volume, speed and classification.

Two rubber tubes are placed across the road and every time the tubes are driven over, an air pulse is sent to the data logger on the side of the road.  The time taken between the air pulses between the two tubes allows us to calculate the speed, whereas the time taken between air pulses on the same tube allows to calculate the axle spread and therefore the vehicle classification.

The data is presented in an easy to read excel format.

Common Uses:

  • To ascertain the volume of vehicles travelling along a specified carriageway.

  • To ascertain the 85th percentile of speed of vehicles travelling along a specified carriageway. The 85th percentile is commonly used in planning to determine the safe line of site required from a proposed junction.

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