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We Provide Fast, Easy & Accurate Traffic Data 


Neo Traffic Counting Services is a South West based company offering comprehensive traffic counting surveys ranging from peak flow assessments to 24hr video surveillance.

At Nea Traffic Counting, we offer cost effective traffic counting solutions for all requirements.

Via our online platform you are able to request traffic surveys, view data collection in real time and download the data in a variety of formats.

Please see below the range of services we provide:

Automated Traffic Count

ATC's are quick and inexpensive way of collecting, traffic volume, speed and classification. They are discreet and can be left in place for extended periods of time

Car Park Volume Count

A car park volume assessment is carried out in much the same way as our turning movement counts.

The data collected from our car park volume counts can be downloaded and viewed in a variety of formats.

Pedestrian & Bicycle Counts

We place our high-resolution cameras at an appropriate location and record all pedestrian and bicycle movements for the length of time required by you.

Travel Time Assessment

We can carry out extremely accurate travel time assessments.

Using our blue-tooth detection cameras, we are able to track mobile devices with blue tooth enabled, to calculate journey times between point A and Point B

Turning Movement Count

We are able to conduct highly accurate turning movement counts for you.

You will be able to log into our platform and view the camera in real time, download the data in variety of formats and see our helpful graphics.

Queue Length Surveys

Queue length surveys are typically carried out at a junction to measure the congestion and delays.

Depending on your survey parameters, queue length can be measured in terms of vehicle numbers or in meters/yards etc.



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